• Image of Shipwreck Poster. Signed.
  • Image of Shipwreck Poster. Signed.

Title: Shipwreck
Client: Virginia Living Magazine
Size: 17.5" x 20"
Printed on: Matte, Medium weight Poster Stock

The award winning illustration "Shipwreck" by creator/illustrator Sterling Hundley is offered as a 17.5" x 20" poster, printed on a matte stock.

The original illustration was commissioned by Virginia Living Magazine, and since, has been reprinted dozens of times as posters, magazine illustrations, award annuals, in books, in advertising, and on line.

The original accompanying text read:

In many ways, the shipwrecked Benjamin F. Poole resembled an enormous beached humpback whale. Visually, the bottom of the ship looked like the underbelly of one of the great mammals. Likewise, it posed the same problem- How to return it to the sea? Realizing that only an unusually high tide would offer any hope of reclaiming the ship, the Benjamin F. Poole was stranded on the shores of Virginia Beach.

With the honeymoon of Captain Hjalmar Charlton and his bride, in the Poole's refined captain's quarters, the shipwrecked Benjamin F. Poole evolved from a coal carrying sea vessel into a hotel with ocean front views. Over the course of the summer, the newlyweds hosted curious beach visitors aboard the stranded vessel. In September of 1890, the tide came calling for the Poole. After being overhauled, the Benjamin F. Poole spent many more years on the open seas.

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